Bangor can trace its roots back to the Bronze Age with early Christian Settlements within Bangor Bay and the Ballyholme area. It has been a thriving resort and commuter town since the introduction of the rail links in the 19th Century with a rich architectural heritage including high quality Victorian buildings overlooking the seafront, as well as the largest 5-star marina development on the island of Ireland, which attracts a considerable number of vessels and has achieved Blue-Flag status.

Due to a period of underinvestment, compounded by changes in travel culture, the town’s popularity as a holiday resort has declined in recent years.

This project has been designed to return Bangor to a “destination of choice”. To promote and ensure an ambitious, sensitive, site-specific waterfront development for Bangor that reflects the individuality of the community, the location and shared collective heritage and culture in a sustainable, unique and distinctive manner.

Bangor’s ambition is to become a highly attractive, healthy and inspiring place where people, especially families, can flourish and prosper.